Options For Using Colors In Cremation Services In San Antonio, TX

Posted on January 18, 2021 by Mission Park Funeral Home under Cremation Services
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cremation services in San Antonio, TX

If you have lost someone close to you and you are the person who will be making the plans for their services, you may have decided that cremation services in San Antonio, TX are the best option. While cremation services can be affordable and simple, you may decide that you want to make them more personal by adding some color to them. There are a lot of ways you can add color to the cremation services. Whether you are planning to make the services more elaborate or you just want to keep them simple, be sure to consider some of all of these options.

Small Details

There are a lot of small details that can give you a chance to add colors to the services. The type of details that you can take advantage of depend on the other aspects of your funeral. You may be planning to have a memorial table or you may want to offer memorial cards to those who attend the services. You can use colors of your choice to make the small details of the service pop and make it a more memorable one for those who attend to pay their respects.


You may be planning to have flowers at the cremation services much like you would for a traditional funeral and this can be an easy way to add some color to the services. You can choose to have the flowers dyed to meet your needs or you may be able to find flowers that have natural colors that you want. You can also use details and embellishments to add to the arrangements to bring out the natural colors or to add new colors to them. You can also use faux flowers in the colors of your choice.


When you choose an urn you have the option of picking from many different designs. You can easily find an urn that has the colors you want in it. You may choose to buy a solid-colored urn or you can find one that has the color mixed in with the pattern. You have a lot of control over the color and design of the urn so this is a good way to introduce some color to the services without making them to elaborate.

cremation services in San Antonio, TX

If you are planning cremation services in San Antonio, TX and you are looking for a way to add some color to the services, be sure to reach out to Mission Park Funeral Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematories. We are here to help with all your funeral and cremation planning needs. We can help you choose the details of your services and find a way to add the color you want. You can learn more about our services by giving us a call or stopping by our facilities to learn more about everything we can offer you.

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